The Adult Slytherin Scarf

How do you dress up a Harry Potter Scarf? With mink yarn of course. This was woven on an Ashford 32″ Rigid Heddle Loom. Soft off the loom and it bloomed into buttery goodness after its wet finish. And don’t worry…this is a green mink scarf, they keep the minks on a farm and groom the down out of their coats in the spring and fall to spin into yarn you might just want to buy and keep at home to hug and pet and call it George.



What to do…

What do you do when you have tons of singles and don’t want to knit forever?  Ply it! I’ve got a lot of yarn I’ve been given when I got a few of my knitting machines. I don’t have any projects lined up on the machine right  now and definitely would not want to hand knit any of these singles (I call that insanity). So, I pulled out my spinning wheel and Navajo plied one and picked two others to ply together. Here are my results.

wpid-img_20130630_141302_998.jpgThis first ply was a dark brown and golden single that turned into a great bundle of tweedy goodness. (Two singles into one)








wpid-img_20130630_141343_760.jpgThe second was a nice light purple Navajo plied on itself.

Charleston, SC

Greenville, SC