Grandma Furnish

Lets Make Noodles

I am going to admit something. Something horrible, but funny. Because you know that's the way I roll. I once told my Grandma that I thought if we boiled her noodles in dog crap, they would still be the most delicious things on earth. She heartily disagreed with me....

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There’s Potato In The Candy?

No one takes me serious when I tell them about this candy. My Grandma made this every year for me and my brother. And yes, it really is made with a potato.  This is one of Grandma's unwritten recipes, although I'm sure someone out there has a written down...

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Its Chocolate Crack

This recipe was another you could always count on seeing at any holiday gathering. It is really easy to make and very delicious. Make sure you follow the directions and put the icing on the cake while it’s still hot. The icing melts down into the top of the cake and...

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Grandma Furnish’s Divinity

Another Holiday favorite of mine was Grandma's Divinity. Fluffy white clouds of sweet goodness, its truely divine. This one is a little tricky to make, the humidity has to be low, and I'm assuming this is why we only enjoyed it during Christmas. You can add any kind...

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Grandma’s Recipes

I've promised this for a while now. Last Thanksgiving, Grandma sat down with me after we cleaned up from dinner and went through her recipes. I took pictures of all the recipes she said were her favorites. Some were hers and some were from her friends and family. So...

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