Saturday is finally here. The house is ready for company and I’m sipping a cup of excellent coffee waiting for my day to begin. My partner Chris surprised me last night with my Christmas present in time for the Cookie Party. Yes, that’s it up there…a sexy red 5 quart Kitchen Aid. I’d be lying if I said I put away all the shopping before it was unpacked and put into its new home on the counter. And shortly after everything was put away, I already had my new baby making goodies…Grandma’s Mashed Potato Candy (recipe to come).

My old Kitchen Aid (bless its heart) was on its last leg, after having come through so many moves it didn’t know what kitchen it was working in any more. It was in a rebellious stage…to express its anger it had resorted to only two speeds….”fast” and “fling”. So you can imagine we’d had many angry discussions during food prep.

So raise your choice of drink, here’s to many more years of sexy kitchen love. “To you, my little red Corvette…*cough* um…Kitchen Aid.” Thanks Chris!

Let the day begin.